Mosquito Treatment

Reclaim Your Outdoor Spaces with Our Mosquito Treatment Services

Mosquitoes are more than just a nuisance; they are carriers of various diseases that can affect your family's health. Our comprehensive mosquito treatment services are designed to significantly reduce the mosquito population in your outdoor spaces, allowing you to enjoy your yard, patio, or garden without the worry of bites.

Our Process


The In2Care Mosquito Station is an innovative solution designed to combat Aedes mosquitoes, responsible for spreading diseases like Dengue and Zika. This eco-friendly station works by attracting female mosquitoes to lay eggs in a specially designed container that contains a mix of US-EPA approved biological agents. These agents include a growth regulator that kills larvae both in the station and nearby breeding sites, and a biological fungus that weakens adult mosquitoes, inhibits virus development, and ultimately kills them before they can transmit diseases. Its design and operation make it a novel and effective approach for green mosquito control.


How Does it Work?

The In2Care® Mosquito Station is an intuitive and maintenance-free solution, boasting a robust and durable design that operates effortlessly.

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The In2Care Mosquito Station effectively targets both adult and larval stages of mosquitoes. Adult mosquitoes are attracted to the station, where they lay eggs and come into contact with a floater gauze. This gauze contaminates them with a biological fungus and a larvicide. The fungus, which slowly kills the mosquito, can also inhibit the replication of the Dengue virus. Meanwhile, the larvicide is spread to other breeding sites by the mosquitoes, effectively killing larvae in multiple locations due to their egg-laying behavior.

To ensure the In2Care Mosquito Station remains effective, it's advised to replace the water and refill materials every 4 to 6 weeks. In dry conditions, additional water may need to be added more frequently to maintain effectiveness. Water can be topped up directly through the station's lid, with a minimum recommendation of 1 liter to ensure optimal performance.

The active ingredients used in the In2Care Mosquito Station are specifically chosen for their safety profile; they are not harmful to birds or mammals. Utilizing a biological fungus toxic only to insects and a larvicide that targets mosquito larvae without affecting higher organisms, even at low concentrations. This larvicide's safety is underscored by WHO approval for use in drinking water, ensuring minimal risk to aquatic life when spread by mosquitoes to other water bodies.

The larvicide used within the In2Care Mosquito Station is highly effective at extremely low concentrations, requiring less than 0.001 milligram per liter of water to effectively eliminate larvae. Even in conditions of heavy rainfall, the quantity of larvicide present is ample for maintaining larval control. For optimal effectiveness, it's suggested to position the stations in shaded, vegetated areas preferred by mosquitoes for breeding and where less rain dilution occurs.

The station's black hue, specific design, water presence, and unique organic odor are engineered to draw egg-laying female mosquitoes, particularly targeting Aedes species known for preferring artificial containers for egg-laying. While designed for Aedes mosquitoes, it also has the potential to attract Culex species to deposit eggs within the trap.

The trap contains a biological fungus that eliminates adult mosquitoes within a few days. This process allows time for the fungus to breach the mosquito's skin and proliferate within its body. During this period, the mosquito spreads the larvicide to nearby breeding sites before succumbing, leading to fewer visible mosquito carcasses within the station itself.

With our Mosquito Treatment services, you can enjoy your outdoor spaces with confidence, protected from the nuisance and health risks of mosquitoes.